Bart Lee is an award winning, nationally acclaimed, theatre writer and director, a

trained actor, qualified teacher and experienced venue practitioner with 12 years professional experience in the UK arts sector.



July 2013 “Whales and Pirate Tales, The Legend of Moby Dick”

March 2013 ISA SCHOOLS FESTIVAL “Ridiculous Nicholas” Bart Lee/Andrew Holdsworth

Dec 2012 - March 2013 Nepalese Community Film Direction BFBC

December 2012 “Jack and the Beanstalk” Bart Lee/Ron McAllister

September 2012 ‘Noche Flamenca” Betty Cid

August 2012 “Jack Frost V’s The Sun Shine Kids” Bart Lee/Derry Pope

August 2012 “Romeo and Juliet” William Shakespeare

July 2012 “Alls Well That Ends Well” William Shakespeare/Bart Lee/ David Wembridge

July 2012 “Two” Jim Cartwright

March 2012 ISA drama competition

March 2012 ‘Noche Flamenca” Betty Cid

December 2011 “Cinderella” Bart Lee

September - November 2011 “Medea, My Dear” Euripides/Bart Lee touring

October 2011 - “Romeo and Juliet” William Shakespeare

September 2011 “Percy” Scribbler fest, David Wembridge

July 2011 “Wind in the WIllows” Alan Bennet

July 2011 “Romeo and Juliet’ William Shakespeare

June 2011 “Henry’s Arabian Nights” Niki Robinson/Bart Lee/Tom Neill

March 2011 ISA drama competition

December 2010 “Dick Whittington” Bart Lee/Ron Mc Allister

October 2010 “Medea, My Dear” Euripides/Bart Lee

March 2010 ISA drama competition

September - November 2010 “Norfolk’s Rose” Bart Lee, touring venues

July 2010 “Aesops Fables RETOLD” Aesop/Bart Lee/Andrew Holdsworth

July 2010 “Taming of the Shrew” William Shakespeare

December 2009 “Peter Pan” JM Barrie/Bart Lee/Ron McAllister

December 2009 “A Christmas Carol” Charles Dickens/Bart Lee/Pete Cox

September - November 2009 “The Cherry Orchard” Anton Chekhov/Bart Lee

July 2009 “Midsummer Nights Dream” William Shakespeare

May 2009 “Thoroughly Modern Millie” Richard Morris/Dick Scanlan

December 2008 “Beauty and the Beast” Bart Lee/Ron McAllister

November 2008 “The Actors Nightmare”Christopher Durang

September - November 2008 “Oedipus” Steven Berkoff

September - November 2008 “Shakere” By John Godber and Jane Thornton, touring venues

August 2008 “The Actors Nightmare” Christopher Durang Edinburgh Fringe Festival

July 2008 “The Actors Nightmare” Christopher Durang

July 2008 “Band Bang Your Dead” William Mastramone

July 2008 “Elizabeth Moon and the Secret of the Midnight Orphanage” Bart Lee

March 2008 “1066”Bart Lee

December 2007 “Aladdin” Bart Lee/RonMcAllister

September 2007 “The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui” Bertolt Brecht

July 2006 “Avalon” Bart Lee/Tom Neill

December 2006 “Sleeping Beauty” Bart Lee/Ron McAllister

December 2006 “Princess and the Pea’ Bart Lee/Pete Cox

December 2006 “Jack and the Beanstalk” Bart Lee/RonMcAllister

December 2005 “Jack and the Beanstalk” Bart Lee/Ron McAllister

November 2006 “Blood Wedding” Federico Lorca, Castle Youth Theatre

September - November 2006 Regional festival coordinator for Connections festival

August 2006 “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” CS Lewis

December 2005 “A Christmas Carol” Charles Dickens/Bart Lee/Pete Cox

December 2005 “Dick Whittington” Bart Lee/RonMcAllister

September - November 2005 regional coordinator for Connections festival

August 2005 “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Roald Dahl

December 2004 ‘Cinderella” Bart Lee / Ron McAllister

December 2004 “Big Bad Wolf” David Bown/Bart Lee/Pete Cox

September 2004 “Jon Jo le Clun et la theatre de Illusion” Bart Lee

August 2004 “Romeo and Juliet” William Shakespeare

July 2004 “Jungle Book” Rudyard Kipling / Bart Lee Dolphin School - South Hill Park Youth Theatre

December 2003 “Dick Whittington” Bart Lee / Ron McAllister

November 2003 “Romeo and Dave” Bart Lee, South Hill Park Youth Theatre

October 2003 “New Writing Festival” Various

September 2003 “The Legend of Office Rocker” Bart Lee / Tim Woodburn”

September 2003 “The Lobster Clause” Bart Lee/Tim Woodburn

September 2003 “Norfolk’s Rose” Bart Lee

August 2003 “ICAB” Indian Community of Bracknell

August 2003 “Midsummer Nights Dream” William Shakespeare

December 2002 “Aladdin” Bart Lee/Tim Woodburn/Ron McAllister

December 2002 “Betty’s Best Cuts” South Hill Park Youth Theatre

November 2002 “Super British’ Bart Lee

October 2002 “New Writing Festival” Various

September 2002 “Bouncers” John Godber

September 2002 “Office Rocker” Bart Lee/Tim Woodburn

August 2002 “Much Ado About Nothing” William Shakespeare

March 2002 “Bouncers” John Godber, touring venues

March 2002 “West” Steven Berkoff, touring venues

December 2001 “The Pantomime that Time Forgot” Bart Lee

September 2001 “Up N Under” John Godber

September 2001 “Bouncers” John Godber

August 2001 “The Drama School Farce” Bart Lee Edinburgh Fringe Festival

August 2000 “The Beggars Opera” NYMT, Lyric Hammersmith

August 1999 “The Beggars Opera” NYMT, Swan Stratford, Edinburgh Festival

Bart trained at Rose Bruford College obtaining a BA Hons (Acting) at Beryl Jarvis School of dance (Ballet, Tap and Modern) with Peter Fallowell (Drums) and is a qualified teacher (QTS) from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM).

He has twelve years experience working in theatres across the country and has enjoyed full time posts including Theatre Director in residence at Sherborne Boys School in Dorset, Theatre Artist in residence at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Berkshire, Creative Director of Freeflow, an Arts Council England RFO (for new writing) and Artistic Director of the Castle Theatre in Northamptonshire.

Bart is currently in post as Head of Drama at Hurst Lodge School in Ascot and Director in residence at Artemis - Studios in Berkshire. He is also Artistic Director of The Windsor Globe outdoor theatre festival working in partnership with RBWM and is writer in residence at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire, working on their record breaking pantomimes.

Bart works as a theatre director, writer, performer, producer and teacher. To date he has directed over 50 productions including professional touring shows, community productions and he champions new writing. Over 250,000 people have enjoyed his original shows. It is his dream and passion to create innovative, exciting and dynamic drama of all shapes and sizes in all sorts of theatres and site specific locations.


EDEXCEL OSCA 2, Lead IV, Quality Nominee, Course Leader, Head of Drama


Fire officer, safeguarding, first aider, studio manager

John Ginman, Goldsmiths, private tuition in dramaturgy and script writing

ACE training bursary to work with John Fox at Lantern House, Ulverston

Rose Bruford college in Acting BA(Hons)

Member of NYMT, workshop facilitator

Coranto, historical dance troupe

Beryl Jarvis Dance school, tap, modern and ballet (ADV GRADES)

Peter Fallowell, drum teacher, funk band

Henley Management College, Oxon

Ranelagh School, Berkshire

Head of Drama, Hurst Lodge School, Ascot, Berkshire

Artistic Director, Windsor Globe, Outdoor Theatre Festival, Berkshire (SMT)

Theatre Director, Fast and Loose Theatre Company, Surrey

Youth Theatre Director, Wokingham Theatre, Berkshire

Resident Theatre Director, Artemis Studios, Berkshire

Course Leader, Digital Media Suite, South Hill Park, Berkshire

Course Leader, Film Projects, Springboard, Slough

Writer in residence, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire

Director in Residence, Sherborne School, Dorset

Theatre Director and Writer, Blackeyed Theatre, Berkshire

Artistic Director, Castle Theatre, Northampton (SMT)

Regional Director, Connections Festival, NT

ACE, RFO, Freeflow Productions, Touring company

Music and Poetry Teacher at Reading Prison, Berkshire

Marketing Manager, RPM promotions, National portfolio