About us

In the darkness something stirs
Witches gather and spin their words
Soundscapes clatter
Screams are heard
Whispers of murder lurk in the shade
Love betrayed

Macbeth is brought to life by this talented and enthralling story-telling company, igniting the imagination with poetry, sound-scapes, shadows and movement. Faithful to the text and famous Shakespeare characters. Suitable for those studying the play at GCSE as well as lovers of the Bard. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Our Theatre

Theatre in the dark, dynamic, exciting, adaptable and accessible for all. 

Our Vision

To bring drama to life in the darkness and set the imagination on fire.

“The acting and direction were excellent, the tension unbreakable. You could hear a pin drop, absolutely wonderful theatre.”

Audience member from The Kenton theatre, Henley